100 Days Of Monsters Information


My name is Stefan G. Bucher, and you're looking at a collection of my monsters.

For 100 days, I filmed myself putting a few drops of ink on a piece of paper each day and transforming the resulting blot into a new monster. Every night I posted the result on my website dailymonster.com and stood back in wonder as visitors from all over the world told me the amazing stories behind each creature.

WHAT'S INSIDE THIS BOOK? 100 Daily Monsters 257 of my favorite monster stories 1 DVD featuring all 100 Daily Monster video clips, 701 bonus comments and stories, one Real Time Monster, a special video message from yours truly, and 10 Open Source Ink Blots that let you make your own Daily Monsters. GO AHEAD! TAKE A LOOK INSIDE!
The monsters aren't going to bite...

Well ... hang on ... they actually might. But I made sure they all had their rabies shots before I sent the book to print. Just look out for Monsters 44 and 57. And for No.79. He just gets too excited. And No.82. He's got a circular saw for a hand, and he's off his medication. Other than that you should be fine!

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